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Youth Engagement Services

BB Counselling & Behavioural Therapy is now offering 'Youth Engagement Services' in collaboration with MR. A+ Online Tutoring.


If you or someone in your family is 12-18 years of age, currently attending school either in-person, at home or online while experiencing anxiety, stress or life challenges, raise your hand!


BB Counselling & Behavioural Therapy and MR. A+ recognize the negative impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on our our community and on our education system, especially for young children, adolescents and youth.  We believe that this emerging and aspiring generation and their families deserve access to affordable counselling, tutoring services and emotional support - no waitlists. 

 Mr. A+ has a team of fully qualified private tutors who are available at your convenience to help meet your educational needs by providing high quality online education, while assisting you to achieve your goals with increased confidence and resilience. 

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