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"In seeking out new perspectives and reaching outside our comfort zones, we can discover more about ourselves".
-Michelle O.

How far will you go to find the strength to share your truth?



How can BB Counselling & Behavioural Therapy help you?

One-time 20 minute session


Brief assessment and individualized treatment planning. 

$215 - CBT Intake Assessment
(75 Minutes)
$175 - Counselling Intake Assessment
(60 Minutes)

             24 hour cancellation policy

Individual Counselling

Mental Health 

Alcohol & Substance Use

Stress Management & Conflict Resolution

Workplace Trauma & PTSD

Self Care & Resilience

$135/ 50 minute session
$185/ 75 minute session


  Walk & Talk  Therapy
In-Home Therapy

$160/per 60 minute session

48 hour cancellation policy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Anxiety, Depression and Substance Abuse Therapy 

for Adults and Youth

$155/ 50 minute session 

(Materials Included)

48 hour cancellation policy

Family Counsellling



Family & Loved Ones


$135/ 50 minute session 
$185/ 75 minute session

$220/ 60 minute session
per additional family member

24 hour cancellation policy

Reduced Fee Services & Payments

Please contact me directly if you require more information about reduced rates. I understand the impact and financial hardship that many individuals and families have experienced as a result of Covid-19. Please let me know how I can help to meet your needs.

Payments are due day of service prior to scheduled appointment time and can be made by eTransfer or PayPal. 

"The reason why so many individuals resist change is because they focus too much on what they have to give up versus what they have to gain."

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"BB Counselling changed my life. I never believed counselling could be so effective and fundamentally life altering. Brandee and her style of therapy got me through a very difficult time in my life, teaching me new coping mechanisns, therapeutic strategies and ways to manage internal conflict."

—  Cory, Ontario CA

We would like to hear from you too!

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