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Therapy & Counselling Services


What motivates you?

Life throws many detours and restrictions, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any event or situation, we can certainly take control of how we respond to them. 

If you’re interested in the opportunity to take the next step, wholeheartedly or even part way, schedule your free 20 minute consultation today. 



What is your story?

Your story matters. Although it may not be easy, it's important for you to find the strength to share it. ​

One on one counselling for individuals who experience Anxiety and Emotional concerns . By using a strength-based eclectic approach to care, your treatment plan is specific to your individual needs. Your treatment will encompass all parts of your life and functioning as it empowers you to lead your care plan with confidence. 
**Counselling services are offered virtually, either by phone or  tele-health video.



Where did your story take a sudden turn?

Whether you are looking to stop or are looking to explore possible change, this service is appropriate for you.
One on one counselling offers screening and brief assessment to help determine your specific stage of treatment, followed up with goal setting, self-control training and relapse prevention planning. 
For individuals who identify with co-occurring mental health concerns such as Anxiety, Trauma and Depression; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is offered as a second component to this service at a reduced rate. 
**Counselling services are offered virtually, either by phone or tele-health video.

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How will you learn to embrace your story?

This evidenced-based psychological treatment intervention is offered to youth and adults who experience emotional and/or anxiety disorders. It is offered in both individual and group format. 
This program includes Pre-Treatment (Screening & Assessment), followed up by applications of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Awareness and Mindfulness skills training and techniques. 
Each module is designed to help individuals recognize triggers, short and long-term consequences of ineffective problem-solving and to help relieve distress by learning more helpful and effective ways of coping with strong emotions. 
**Counselling services are offered virtually, either by phone or tele-health video.



How will you stay connected?

This service is offered to individuals who require increased support and community connection. 
As important as it is to have natural and clinical supports in place, in order to fully maintain positive health and wellness, collaboration of service provision with an integrated approach to care may be necessary for your recovery needs. 
Referral, recommendation and service collaboration may be a crucial part of your treatment planning, and could include; a primary health care provider, nurse practitioner, psychiatrist, an addiction medicine specialist or another health care provider.
If this is something you are considering or if it’s something you require, contact me so we can get you started. 

**Community Connection is offered virtually;  either by phone or tele-health video. 

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Hope, Healing & Support

Individual and couples counselling, support, consultation and psycho-education for family members and friends affected by an individuals mental health and/or substance use concerns.
Please contact me if you require more information about our Family Programs and Services. Complimentary consultation is provided. Please see ‘Consultation’ services for details. 
**Counselling services are offered virtually, either by phone or tele-health video.

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